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Our SMS Tarrifs

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Our bulk SMS pricing are the best in the market. View a snapshot of our tarrifs below. Get in touch for further information on our prices.

From To Cost Per SMS (KShs.)
1 50,000 0.750
50,001 100,000 0.550
100,001 200,000 0.500
200,000 1,000,000 0.450
1,000,001 10,000,000 0.250
Type Setup Fee Monthly Fee
Dedicated Shortcode 16,500 16,000
Shared Shortcode 10,500 8,000
Service Operation Cost
Innitial Setup connection Fee KShs. 130,000 (Tax Inc.) Inclusive of Deposit
Development Fee Setup Fee
Monthly Fee
Test bed service connection to test environment for 30 days
Live Ussd code on post-pay Where users are not charged to acccess code Monthly fee KShs. 45,000 (Tax Inc.)
Live Ussd code on pre-pay, Shared Code Where users are not charged to acccess code Cost KShs. 130,000
Monthly fee KShs. 45,000 (Tax Inc.) Dedicated
Extension of test bed service, 30 days To extend the test environment beyond 30 days KShs. 70,000 (Tax Inc.)
Services Transactional fee (180 Seconds)
Banking Institutions & Saccos KShs. 2
General Content & Service KShs. 2